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Master Builders - Green Living Builders


Align Concepts is proud to be a Master Builders Registered Green Living Builder.

Builders who complete the training and adopt sustainable innovations in their operations are able to identify themselves as Master Builders Green Living Builders .


The brand enables Builders to market their services as businesses that are skilled in the design, construction and maintenance of high quality structures that adopt industry best practice for sustainability in the built environment. 

The training to become a Green Living Builder provides competencies in designing, building, installing and maintaining environmental innovations. 

More specifically, the training Align Concepts has undertaken to become a Master Builders Green Living Builder has provided our company with: 

  • the necessary skills to understand the scope and application of the energy provisions in the BCA and broad sustainability innovations (6 Star);

  • the skills and ongoing support to enable builders to comply with these provisions;

  • improved management and business skills to enable builders to pursue energy innovations;

  • the necessary tools and information to design and construct energy efficient structures that not only meet minimum standards but set a new benchmark in the housing sector for energy innovation.

  • the ability to improve their customer service and business by providing informative advice to clients about sustainable solutions in the design and construction of their dwelling.







(03) 9830 0706


35 Matlock St Canterbury,


VIC 3126 

VBA Registration: CDB-U 51045




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